Bounce n Shake Remix Competition:
You have 2 weeks to remix ‘Can’t Hide It’ by Deekline & Hardy Hard, from the album “Bounce N Shake’ - out now on Rat Records. 
Upload your remix on to soundcloud, then post the link to Deekline’s facebook page. 
The winner  will be announced on March 15th and the winning remix will be  released on Rat Records.

Bounce n Shake


Hold Your Head Up High

Bad Boyz


Can't Hide It


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Anonymous: I noticed you said the album comes out on 5th oct but I can't find it on beatport, junodownload or iTunes. Has it been delayed?

Ah yes it has, its been pushed back until the beginning of December, sorry!

Hey Will … Tell us about life in Berlin, where you’re now living. Is it as exciting a city as it sounds, and have you settled in well? Do you expect to be making minimal techno within six months like everyone else who moves there?
It’s very exciting, especially if you like techno, sausages, beer and fisting, as much as I do. Maybe not minimal techno but maybe some krautrock!

How has the latest Breaking Hearts and Minds EP gone down and what has it been like working with Tigerlight? Her involvement is a bit of a switch up for your sound, isn’t it?
She does tend to bring a more musical side to things which is always good, rather than my usual rah rah rah. But as long as there is a little rah rah rah in there it’s ok. She is great to work with although sometimes smells very strongly of Marathon bars which is weird as they have been called Snickers for years!

Having a sense of humour in the dubstep scene is a bit of a no-no, right? Do you get into trouble with the ‘brostep’ brigade? Are you a bit of an outsider on the scene or do Skream and Benga call you up for Massive tips?

The sense of humour is becoming more accessible, although there will always be a large amount of people totally incapable of getting a joke. Funnily enough Skream & Benga ring me up all the time for hair and make-up tips.

Your dad is top humorous novelist Robert Rankin. Did he influence the japery in High Rankin tracks at all, and what does he think of your music?

He was always my biggest fan when I was starting out although I think he now just listens to Burial and complains about Skrillex these days. He has definitely been a big comedy influence on me especially as he is mid 60s now and less mature than me.

Were you disappointed that Miaow Miaow, your song about the dubious joys of mephedrone, didn’t land you in the pages of The Sun under the headline “ban this sick stunt”?
YES, very.

You’re known for your “wildman” DJ antics on stage, which include such crazy behaviour as taking your T-shirt off and shouting at the audience with great enthusiasm just before the drop. What’s the maddest thing you’ve ever done on stage, and are you the most “rock and roll” man in bass music?

I think you must be mistaking me for Doctor P.

 What can people expect from your show on Saturday with Tigerlight in the Supatronix room at Hot Cakes, Brixton JAMM?
A live sex show. Not with me and Tigerlight - we will simply be refereeing the show from a safe distance. We are bringing two dozen prostitutes, £7,000 in unmarked bills and a paddling pool full of brine.

High Rankin and Tigerlight will be appearing at Hot Cakes this Saturday at Brixton Jamm, alongside Deekline & Ed Solo, Hostage, Pyramid and many more.

Click here to check out High Rankin’s hugely popular podcast.